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Often I feel overwhelmed by the consumerism Kennedy is now accustomed to.  What was once a faraway thing, living in Costa Rica, has become an every day occurrence of “OOH, I want that… and that… and that.”  The simplicity of our lives there, with very little access to “material things” and a surplus of nature, is definitely the number one thing I still miss.

So when, I had the opportunity to receive a subscription box from Compass Crate, I almost literally jumped for joy.  I was so excited that Kennedy could receive something that would bring her back outdoors, and hopefully spark the fond memories of simple old stick playing and tossing rocks.

Kennedy excited about her Compass Crate Nature Box.


And as a plus… it arrived during her birthday week… so it was a double surprise for her!

Compass Crate Subscription Box For Kids


So, with excitement and bottled up energy waiting to explore, Kennedy opened her Compass Crate subscription box to find a world full of creative, natural, explorative wonder.

Getting to know the subscription box.


Since the weather wasn’t too great the day we opened the box… thanks Hurricane Hermine… we had to wait a couple of days for the sunshine.  Finally, the clouds parted and we headed to the park to collect twigs and flowers and rocks galore.

What I really loved most about this box was the fun activity sheets that engage the kids to look for shapes and discuss different flowers.

Activity sheets and games to explore outdoors with Compass Crate.


I also loved the nature terrarium, which now sits sweetly on Kennedy’s bookshelf as a reminder of her explorations.

Compass Crate's nature terrarium.

And for a kid who loves to talk about dinosaurs and fossils, Kennedy absolutely LOVED making imprints of the leaves and rocks.

Making leaf fossils. dsc_1137

Finished leaf fossil.

Unfortunately, little hands weren’t as patient for the nature loom, but still it was pretty to see the flowers and leaves nestled inside of it.

Nature loom from Compass Crate.

All in all, I am so thrilled that Kennedy was given the opportunity to try something new and expand her horizons.  Like anyone, the excitement of getting something in the mail never gets old, and a child waiting for their Compass Crate monthly subscription box will never be disappointed upon opening it.


From hands on activities to shapes, flowers and animals to a little glass terrarium of memories, Compass Crate has delivered in more ways than one.

*Disclaimer: While I was given this AWESOME subscription box for free to try, the comments, sentiments, pictures and genuine enthusiasm are 100% ME!  Thanks for reading! ; )

Don’t Forget To Smile, Krysta

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