Get Yo’ Craft On: DIY Magnetic Chore Chart!

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“Kennedy, pick up your toys.”

“Kennedy, brush your teeth.”

“Kennedy, put your dishes in the sink.”

Again & again & again… times infinity.  I was SO #OVER IT.

Sooooo… to make things seem “fun” and to possibly save my sanity, I decided to make a DIY chore chart for her to visually see what she needs to do… and what has been done… each day.

And to be honest, it was cheap and super easy!  Unfortunately, I made it before I took the pictures, so some parts are already in their final form, but you’ll get the picture.


Supplies Needed:



First, I bought a cheap pizza pan from the dollar store.  I spray painted it, sealed it with Modge Podge and then put adhesive magnets to the back of it. When it was completely dry, I wrote “Kennedy’s Chore Chart,” along with a “To Do” and a “DONE!” side in Sharpie.



Then for the stickers, I found them on Etsy and purchased them from @SallySuesShop for only $2.50.  They were downloaded right to my computer, I printed them out and BAM! I was ready for the next steps.


I had small foam adhesive sports stickers, so I turned them around and adhered the cut out chores to the sticker and then trimmed down the sides.



When I was done, I turned them around and put tiny little magnets I got at Michaels for like $2 for a pack of 24 on the back.  I also applied Modge Podge to the top of the paper to help seal it.


Then, we waited…


Finally, when everything was dry, I showed Kennedy her brand new Chore Chart!  Honestly, I think she thinks it’s a game, but I DON’T CARE!  If it gets her to do her chores, without me going crazy or her crying, I’m calling it a freaking #MomWIN!



Until next time friends…

Don’t Forget To Smile, Krysta

2 thoughts on “Get Yo’ Craft On: DIY Magnetic Chore Chart!”

  1. Nicole | The Professional Mom Project - November 20, 2016 8:10 pm

    Brilliant! Love how simple it is and that it goes beautifully on the fridge. So cute.
    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project recently posted…My First Year of Blogging – What I’ve Learned so FarMy Profile

    1. - November 28, 2016 10:40 am

      Thanks Nicole! It really is so simple and easy… and it’s working! HALLELUJAH! HAHA


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