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Last night at dinner an older gentleman ordered a bowl of ice cream to the table for Kennedy, and told her she was “the first real life princess” he had ever met.  It was adorable, he was sweet… and don’t worry, I double checked the ice cream first to “make sure it wasn’t poisonous.”

Sometimes I love #MomPower.

But this wasn’t the only SWEET thing to happen to our perpetually blessed little lady this week.

Earlier in the week, Kennedy got a surprise package from none other than Colleen’s Cakes and Cookies!  Having gone to high school with Colleen, I have been following her mouthwatering and gorgeous cookies from afar, via social media.  Every post by Colleen makes my mouth water, and the creative designs she brings to each new treat simply

Long story short… I am always SUPER jealous to see her photos.

Until a few weeks ago, when Colleen messaged me about sending an order of cookies to our house in Charleston, so she could test her packaging and delivery!

I may or may not have giggled like a school girl, when I excitedly typed “UM THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!”

Before I knew it, they were in the mail and on their way to our home, from NJ to SC.  I decided not to tell Kennedy, to keep it a surprise; but I’m sure you can imagine the excitement any child has receiving cookies in the mail.

And when she saw them…

They were none other than…



Funny enough, Kennedy was already rockin’ her TMNT shirt that day, so it was the perfect coincidence.

I about died when I saw them, too!  They were perfect!  All 4 of her favorite guys… and their favorite food- PIZZA- all perfectly made into heart-shaped sugar cookies!

It’s safe to say, they didn’t last long in our house.  First it was Mikey…

Then ‘Adios’ to Leo…


But no matter what, this was one of the best treats Miss K has had in a long time!  We are so thankful to Colleen… and her ridiculously delicious skills… to have finally tried her yummy treats, in such a personalized way!


Now I KNOW I can order more in the future, to be sent directly to my house… and so can you!  You can (and should) contact Colleen via email at: or visit (and FOLLOW if you’re smart) her Instagram page, if you’re looking to go from drab to fab at your next celebration!

You might want to hurry because I have a feeling, this little lady is going to be keeping Colleen’s Cakes and Cookies busy for a long, long time!


Don’t Forget To Smile, Krysta

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