Uncomfortable Necessities: Talking Private Parts & Saying NO! to a 4 Year Old

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Jungle Princess Playfully Hiding

“And you know if anyone touches you here, to tell Mommy or Daddy, right?” I asked Kennedy, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, talking to her about something so vile and obscene, that I honestly could have cried. But this conversation, sparked this time during a post-beach shower, was the second time this week it had come up. Passing comments…

Welcoming You To Motherhood: A Love Letter To My Best Friend

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Entering Motherhood For the First Time

It has been 1,450 days since the last… and first time… I was pregnant. The raw emotions that weave their way into this last week of normalcy can be overwhelming, I know. I feel myself messaging you, or calling, more often… checking up on you, I guess. It’s not that I don’t think you can do it… BY GOD, I…

HOPElessly Searching for Sportsmanship

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HOPElessly Searching For Sportsmanship

I remember that feeling. The feeling of losing something you wanted so badly. Being angry, frustrated, and feeling so damn defeated, you’re practically empty. Yea, it stings. But I also remember feeling in awe… and definitely impressed. We lost and I mean we lost big. We hand our butts handed to us and I personally got worked by the opposing…

Raising The Brave and Bold

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Shine On Jungle Princess

“Hi, my name is Kennedy.” Blank stare… walks away. “Hi, my name is Kennedy.” Stares right through her… and walks away. A blessing… and a curse… this kid has it. The love, the light, the heart of gold that makes her walk up to child after child and try to make friends. Like her Mama, she can walk into any…

Ebbing and Flowing Through Life is More Than An Action… It’s A Choice.

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For some my lifestyle and that of my family is, well, unconventional.  To some that is amazing, beautiful, goal worthy and causes minor moments of envy, despite their best intentions.  For others though, it is scattered, unorganized, frantic and lacks any foundation. The truth is, I have been like this my entire life and though at first it was without…

The Scattered Brain of a Young Entrepreneur… And How I Finally Figured Out How to Embrace It.

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Screw being a fly on a wall… you should jump inside my head for a day.  If I am even able to turn off the “Mom Brain” for a moment, it turns into a mumble jumble of details for an app I’m thinking of, a great opening line to a someday novel, a new ingredient to work with or an…

Worth the Worry: An Open Letter To My One Day Annoyed Daughter

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White knuckled, driving through the roaring rain and wind yesterday, my mind was racing almost as fast as the 18 wheelers down the flooded highway.  I saw a car wrecked on the side of the road, now abandoned, waiting to be towed away.  Were there children inside? Is everyone OK?  How would I handle an accident with you in the…

Life Keeps Moving: Trusting My Direction

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Life is one of those things that you really have no control of.  You can make choices once given options, but life unto itself continues moving… with or without you.  Take for instance an athlete who never smokes, drinks occasionally, works out religiously but finds themselves receiving Chemo for a cancer they couldn’t control.  You do (or choose not to…

Flashback Friday: My Summer Life is One Big Time Travel…

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They say “the kids always come home.”  They say “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  I say… “WHERE DID I FIND THIS CRAZY TIME TRAVEL MACHINE?” My life right now feels like I am me… 10 years earlier… but with a kid. And this is no exaggeration.  I am literally doing things I was doing 10…

Wait For Us He Did… To Leave: RIP Bentley, We Love You

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Life is full of decisions.  Easy ones, hard ones, silly- first world ones and some that are gut wrenching and life changing.  I feel like in my life, I have made quite a few.  Never one to sit still, I decided to leave the nest at 17 and move 500 miles away and then again to move to Costa Rica….