Buried Treasures and Digging Deep

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Digging Deep For Our Love

I used to think that ALL of me had to love ALL of him.

That if he wasn’t the love OF MY WHOLE LIFE, then maybe, he wasn’t… the one.

And frankly, after so many years, I can honestly say… we have not been IN LOVE with one another the entire time.

To think that I am the same person I was ten years ago would be an insult to not only him and us… but mostly to myself. And the same for him.

In the span of so many years, we have grown, moved (almost 9 times), had a child, lost loved ones, both of the skin and fur, grew a business, made hard decisions and contemplated the possibilities of life without one another.

But after a decade together of ups and downs, heartfelts and heartbreaks, I realized that every time we grew… every time we evolved… our chapters were starting over. And finally I realized that he might not be THE love of my life… but the love of many lives. That every time we started anew, be it in a new place, new house, bringing home a baby, etc., we were giving ourselves the opportunity to fall in love again.

And at many stops along our journey, our lives could have gone in different directions. Yet, parked at the intersection of choices, we put our car in gear and continued toward our destination. Perhaps, we had different luggage (baggage) than when we started and we took an unplanned pit stop or two, but in the end, we still journeyed together.

And in our hardest times, when hope seemed lost and the end was inevitable, I had an epiphany of sorts.

I realized that our love, like everyone’s love, is a treasure.

We bury it to keep it safe, nestled away from chaos, opinions and life. We pack it away for safe keeping, like we would an old family photo album or our grandmother’s wedding dress in an old trunk. We intend to pull it out, look at it, marvel- but we rarely do.

 And over time, the days, months and years wash over our treasure, like tiny sand granules, burying it deeper and deeper, until we no longer know where to find it. 

We thought we knew where it was. We had plans to our life, like a giant X over the secret spot, but with a life in constant motion, we lost ourselves.

We KNOW it’s there… but we can’t find it.

It is only when we pick up the tools… of communication, trust, friendship and respect… that TOGETHER we begin to uncover our bounty.

Sure, it may take time, and there will be moments of frustration, doubts that it is there and beliefs that we’re too of course to ever find it again. But when we do… when that AH HA moment happens, like striking the chest with the tip of a shovel, radiating through our hands, up our arms and into our chests… we will know.

 We have found our buried treasure.

And so, that is what we did. We dug deep, we fought for ourselves, for our family and for our love. And we found it.

And in one month to this day… 10 years to the day that we first got together… we will finally be able to say “I Do.”




Don’t Forget To Smile, Krysta

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