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Hey everyone!  I’m Krysta, the crazy, often loud, wear my heart on my sleeve Wife & Mama behind Do You Have a Jungle Princess?  The name of the blog came from our time living in Costa Rica, where we had our daughter Kennedy.  Now a few years later, and a move back to the United States, we are starting life again, not over, in Charleston, SC.

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I read magazines starting at the last page, drink waaayy too much coffee, am a sarcasm connoisseur, and passionately watch baseball.  I’m a first time Mom getting only some of it right, part of the time, but doing my best to raise a helluva kid.  Most of all though, I ENJOY LIFE… and I certainly laugh a lot along the way.


Our daughter happens to be the funniest, most sincere, little lady I have ever met.  No BS… the kid is hysterical.  And good thing since, working from home as a writer has given us AMPLE time together.  But still… she remains one of my favorite people in the world to be around… day in and day out.


biracial-mixed family-wedding-true love  DSC_1789

My other half is this guy…

I don’t write about him often because A) we’re adults and I don’t believe in putting all our laundry… clean or dirty… out there, and B) he’s a bit more private than I am… so I respect it.

But trust me… he loves me:

 wedding- first dance- true love- mixed couple.

And together, we have our beautiful, crazy, never dull life with our Jungle Princess…

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In My Glory As a Mama

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