5 Ways Beach Days Change After Kids

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Beach Days Sure Have Changed After Having Kids

Gone are the days of relaxing by the water with a good book… or solid buzz.  From chasing kids to sandy juice boxes, pretty much everything except the ocean itself, has changed.  And while I definitely love beach days with my fish-disguised as a human- daughter, I do find myself pining away at some young… childfree… woman, clearly enjoying her “quiet time.”  For those of you unable to relate (read: kid free) questioning my comparisons (read: judging me), let me say… bite me.  Until you are frantically chasing a toddler, for the 8,364th time… you won’t get it.  And for us Mamas, who have been there, done that, let’s all laugh a bit (hopefully over a glass of wine) about just how different life is.

  1. Baywatch Extra No More

    Remember the days we would run around, young and carefree, drunk on either too many Coronas or the sun itself?  Well, those Baywatch days, frolicking in the water are over sister.  Now, the only running we do, is to chase a fleeing kid, attempting to hold all of our stretched out “mom parts” in. Tuck a boob in and keep on going… you have to catch that kid!

  2. Motherhood Whiplash

    Having one kid at the beach, I must admit is pretty doable.  One kid, one set of eyes, one expansive ocean to keep them from drowning in… got it.  But bring friends and add more kids to that mix, and I’m like a bobble head trying to keep tabs on all of them.  In our “youthful” days, long walks on the beach with our girlfriends, arm in arm, would make young men double take.  Fast forward 10 years and I’m the one with whiplash keeping up with our gaggle of kiddos.

  3. Enjoying A Good Book

    Man… let me tell you about the last book I read.  It was… umm… it was… Goodnight Moon.  Thankfully, one of my favorites, because we read it A LOT.  But ask me when the last time I read a great novel, on the beach (or in my house) and got lost in it?  Well, I’d be more able to remember my latest tax return information.

  4. Cold Beer, Sunny Days, Feet In The Sand

    Honestly, is there anything better than a cold brewski on a hot day with a great group of friends?  I THINK NOT.  But brining beer to the beach, with just yourself and some kids, is down right… not fun.  YES, I KNOW… it’s also irresponsible (blah blah blah) but it’s mostly just not fun.  So we don’t. So instead we bring water bottles that are never cold and juice boxes that only taste good with a straw full of sand.  Like I said… not fun.

  5. No More Breezy Easy Leaving

    The time has come, the sun is setting and you’re packing up to leave.  Don’t even dare look at the girl  quickly rolling up her blanket, tossing it in her bag and leaving with a “I’ve never felt more refreshed” look on her face… you ain’t got time for that sweetie.  No… you have to take down the beach tent, clean off the sand toys, attempt to clean off the kids, collect the juice boxes and God forbid dirty diapers, remember the God forsaken prized possession sea shells and count your kids.  Now GO! GO! GO!  Someone will cry that the sand is too hot, someone will drop the bucket of cleaned off sand toys and someone (maybe you) will want to cry.  Just remember… beach days are refreshing.

Truth be told, some days are like this and some days are easier.  And some days are worse… my mom once lost my brother on the crowded NJ shores when he was 3.  Don’t worry, we found him… or brought someone else home.  But, despite the beach days not being as easy as they once were, I still go back time and time again.  The salt air, sunshine and open water DOES refresh your soul… even if it frazzles it a bit in the process.  The memories I have as a kid down the shore, plus the ones I’m making with my daughter are all worth it.  And remember, a good beach day ALWAYS tires out the kiddos… nap time anyone?

Don’t Forget To Smile, Krysta

One thought on “5 Ways Beach Days Change After Kids”

  1. Rosemond - August 31, 2016 2:34 pm

    I remember when I used to take a book to the beach, but its been so long that my memories area a bit hazy!


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